Digital or Litho

Digital Quick Printing (or Print on Demand)

Digital printers are essentially very big and very fast colour laser printers. They can handle some heavier papers and cards. Digital is good because it is instant. Jobs can be turned around in a few hours if needs be and there are no setup costs which means you pay for what you print.

A feature of this website is you can order exactly the quantity you require on many of our Digially Printed Products - lookout for "Any Quantity".

These days the top of the range digital print presses can offer very high quality - almost comparable to a litho print job. However there is a difference in print finish and colour will be very close but not neccessarily 100% accurate.

Pros :
Can do shorter runs.
Most cost effective for small print runs.
Print on demand.
Very fast turnaround times.

Cons :
Difference in print quality
(but technology is improving).
Can only print up to A3 size.

Litho Printing

Litho Printing hasn’t really changed a great deal since Gutenburg gave us the printing press in 1468. Technology has allowed modern printing presses to produce millions of copies of a page in a single day, but the principle of applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon paper, thereby transferring an offset of an image, remains the same.

These days a printer creates a set of ‘plates’ which are used to press the image onto paper. There are initial costs involved in creating the plates and setting up the press. This means a litho job can take time, but for large print runs it remains the most efficient process and also boasts superior quality and finish.

Pros :
Most cost effective for large print runs (500+).
Better print quality.
Most flexible in terms of printing stock, inks and finishes.

Cons :
Long turn around time - usually 3-4 days.
Expensive for short print runs.



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