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Funeral Orders of Service

Funeral orders of service

When your organising a funeral for a loved one, there's enough to be worrying about. We'll make sure that getting the order of service organised is easy, stress-free and quick. Provide us with any images and content you want to include and we'll put together a design just for you. Once you're happy with it, then we'll get them printed. We like to keep it very simple - it's £1 per print.  If you're ordering under 30 then we normally need to charge £10 for the design.  Anything over 30 prints, then we won't charge anything else for design.

We'll print your orders of service on whatever paper you choose - we've a good range from a simple 160gsm white paper, to a range of coloured papers.

Some things to consider:
  • You can bring in photos to our print shop and we'll scan them while you wait or just email them to sales@scottishprint.com.
  • You don't need to be constrained to one folded sheet - if you want room for extra hymns or to add a poem or tribute then that's absolutely fine.