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Label Printing

Oh my goodness, labels come in just about every size possible.  If there’s something that we’ve learnt over the last few years, is that there’s always a label format out there which we’ve still not discovered. This however, is not a problem for us.  We’re always happy to source the labels you need.  We can design and print your labels whether it’s for product packaging, for party bags or address labels. We can provide….

  • Rectangular labels (standard stuff)
  • Circular labels (still pretty standard)
  • Gloss labels (lovely and shiny)
  • Transparent labels (they’re see through..obviously)
  • Kraft labels (for that crafty look and feel)
  • Peelable labels (you don’t want them to hang around forever)

Get in touch at sales@scottishprint.com and let us know about your label requirements – we’ve not been stuck yet!